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We are all about BOBA drinks and chicken wings!

Slurp is a local bubble tea and chicken wing shop with a unique twist. Four years ago, we opened a small boba shop in the Orem Mall, where we discovered that many people love bubble tea without caffeine. And that's when our famous tealess boba was born! We have also perfected the art of chicken wings, offering a flavorful and crispy wing that pairs perfectly with our boba drinks. Come visit us to satisfy your cravings!

Pink Cream


A welcoming environment for all

Every day, we prepare fresh fruits and chicken wings to satisfy your cravings. Our yogurt with fresh fruits is the perfect, healthy, and satisfying combination, offering a delightful texture and a fullness that keeps you satisfied. You can enjoy a generous bowl of yogurt and fresh fruits either as a post-meal dessert or as a hearty main course. And of course, our chicken wings are all freshly grilled and ready to serve. The skin is wonderfully crispy, while the meat inside is juicy and free from any unpleasant odors – we've got it all perfectly handled.

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